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Joins the Freeman team!

A Message from our CEO


Over the last two years, we have been working with the good people of FreemanXP to build an application that significantly changes the way that presentations are thought of and experienced. Through this partnership, our software has been used by thousands of people and some of the biggest organizations and events in the world. We've provided presentation interactivity and insight for companies like Microsoft, Intel, Google and Salesforce in events from Las Vegas to Malaysia.

That's not too bad for six guys working from an old art studio in Eagle, Idaho.

It has been quite the adventure since August 3rd, 2011. Through the ups and downs, I'm very proud that we have continually stayed true to our core values and have shown that hard work and passion for what you do are invaluable assets and are what help you succeed where others fail. And, though this part of the journey is coming to a close, I'm happy to announce that is now part of the Freeman family of companies.

We are the first acquisition of Freeman's newly formed group called Freeman Digital Ventures. And though our name may change, we will continue to be right here in Eagle, Idaho for years to come building revolutionary applications that change the way people engage in and experience events.

Here's to a bright future and many successes. Until then - Keep your head in the klowds.

Ken Holsinger